Cisano, Piazza Lago – Porto - 37011 – Cisano di Bardolino (VR) – Italia

Contractual, insurance and legal conditions

Documents to be submitted: valid identity card or passport.
The vessel is insured under the civil liability insurance; Cisano Rent Boat does not assume any responsibility for objects and privately owned property that may have been damaged, forgotten or lost during the experience.
The client declares to assume all responsibility for damage to himself, others and things, due to improper operation of the vessel, carelessness and neglect.
The client ensures that he has been properly trained and informed as to which are the main rules for navigation in inland waters and on the correct management of the vessel covered by the contract. The client is aware of the dangers and correct operation of a vessel. The client must be in normal psycho-physical conditions and has been informed about the legislation in case of intake of alcohol or psychotropic substances, strictly prohibited.

The boat meets the required requirements and does not present any malfunction or breakage and so must be returned. The charterer having checked the boat’s perfect condition (propeller and foot in particular) declares to assume all responsibility deriving from the running and custody of the boat entrusted to him.
The deposit will be returned if the boat, at the end of use, is returned without damage and in the conditions in which it was entrusted.
In case of damage, the amount will be deducted from it up to a maximum of € 250.00 =; for amounts exceeding the deposit, the user must make the difference.
If the boat is returned 10 minutes after the agreed time, an amount equal to € 65.00 = an additional hour will be deducted from the deposit; if the boat is returned to a different place than the one agreed upon, the amount of € 20.00 = per mile away from the place of delivery will be retained from the deposit.
The boat cannot be sub-rented to third parties.

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