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Punta San Vigilio

Overlooking Lake Garda, this small peninsula, since 1500 offers breathtaking views, away from the stress of modern life. It can also be accessed by boat, docking at the ancient marina. Surrounded by an avenue of secular cypresses which also allows access to the Baia delle Sirene Park and its secular olive trees.


Isola del Garda

The Garda island, also known as Borghese island, is the largest island of Lake Garda inhabited since pre-Roman times. Dwelling in the past of illustrious personalities such as Dante Alighieri, in 1927 the island was inherited by the family of the Cavazza counts, who still live there and take care of the park and the conservation of the palace, open since 2002 for tourist visits.

Villa Borghese is inspired by the residences on the Venetian lagoon and its park is made up of bridges, canals and artificial caves and ancient settlements.

Grotte di Catullo - Sirmione

At the end of the Sirmione peninsula, in a splendid panoramic position there are the remains of the Roman villa known for centuries with the name of “Grotte di Catullo”. The archaeological complex has always remained in sight, and is the subject of visits by tourists from all over the world

The denomination of “Grotte di Catullo” dates back to 400, when the “lyric of Catullo” was rediscovered, in which the poet describes his return to the beloved house of Sirmione.

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